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Duplex Filter
A duplex filter is a type of filtering system that consists of two distinct filter chambers or housing units, often with identical filter components fitted in each chamber. It is also referred to as a dual filter or twin filter.
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Our company offers very reliable wastewater treatment plants, which are heavily crucial for safeguarding or protecting water supplies, preserving public health, and accurately maintaining the ecological balance.
RO Plant
RO plants are crucial for enhancing the sustainability of water resources as the demand for freshwater develops as a result of population development and industrial expansion.
Reverse Osmosis System
The presented Reverse osmosis systems are widely used in a number of settings, including residences, workplaces, and sectors that demand ultrapure water, such as power generation, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.
DM Water Plant
Demineralized water is created in a DM Water Plant by removing minerals and ions using techniques like ion exchange or membrane filtration. Extremely clean water is the return.
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System
A sea water reverse osmosis system, is basically a specialized water treatment method, which certainly uses reverse osmosis membranes to desalinate saltwater. The process of turning seawater into fresh water depends on this mechanism.
Pressure Sand Filter
Under pressure, layers of sand are used in a pressure sand filter, a water treatment device, to filter out suspended particles and other contaminants from water. Particles are caught in the sand bed when water passes through it, creating cleaner, clearer water.

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